Angels Watching Over Me

IMG_1979Driving to work, my heart was heavy with grief. I was newly divorced and was suddenly thrust into the role of sole provider. Questioning God had become my favorite past-time, but mostly He just assured me of His love rather than explaining purpose for my situation. I had reached my limit and began to wonder, “Is God still here? How am I going to make it.” 

For some (unknown?) reason, I had an urge to change lanes. Just as I did, the car which had been behind me, hit the car in front of him, (which had been me), that car hit the next and out the sideview I saw the last car which I was already passing, also get hit. A four car pile-up appeared in my rear view mirror.

My heart raced, this time with gratitude replacing my grief. “God You really ARE here! Thank you, Jesus!”



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